Package Treatment Plant Installation

If it is not possible to convert an existing tank, the next available solution is to install a brand new wastewater treatment system. This involves the installation of the new tank itself, as well as re-routing any existing pipework or installing new pipework to and from the new sewage treatment plant.

While typical domestic drainage solutions like septic tanks and cesspools are used to collect your wastewater and store it until it needs a routine emptying, sewage treatment plants collect and clean that same wastewater. This means the final effluent can be discharged from the tank without causing and damage or pollution to the environment or any surrounding areas.

How does it work?

The treatment process takes place over multiple stages beginning with sedimentation. This is where the wastewater is left to settle, the solid waste sinks to the bottom and the liquid waste floats to the top. The aeration stage is next where compressed air is fed into the tank, sometimes with one and sometimes with multiple pumps. This raises the oxygen content in the wastewater which facilitates the growth of aerobic bacteria, further treating and disinfecting the contents. Finally we end up with a treated effluent that is ready to be discharged from the tank to a local watercourse or drainage field. Any remaining sludge content following this process is stored within the tank until the treatment plant is professionally serviced and subsequently emptied.

Why choose it?

Package treatment plants are a great solution for anyone who needs to install any kind of new tank. Wastewater treatment plants produce a much cleaner final effluent, greatly reducing your environmental impact and save tons of money over time by reducing the need for frequent tank emptying.

Is it right for me?

Domestic sewage treatment plants are a great solution for many different scenarios. If existing drainage has failed or is no longer compliant, if frequent emptying is an expensive issue for you, if you’re worried about your environmental impact, moving house and need up to date surveys, are building a new house or facility, a new wastewater treatment plant could very well be the right solution for you.


Over the past few years, wastewater treatment systems have experienced impressive technological developments. Today, they are high-tech products equipped with sophisticated controls and various pumps, sensors and valves. Yet this is often to the detriment of the product’s reliability. A reliable wastewater disposal system no longer needs to be complicated. One2Clean is an advanced development of the proven SBR wastewater treatment technology, with considerable advantages in terms of operating costs and safety.

One2Clean Plus

With the One2Clean Plus you have the option of various upgrades for increased convenience as well as additional modules to increase the quality of water treatment from you plant – Perfect for situations where the environment agency require a higher quality of effluent.

Klaro E Professional

The GRAF SBR wastewater treatment system Klaro E Professional works according to the principle of SBR lifting technology. No live parts need to be installed in the tank. All movement processes are performed by three air lift pumps, which are operated using a compressor. The compressor also provides the plate ventilator on the bottom of the SBR reservoir with air. The compressor and all other technical components are low maintenance, offer power failure recognition and stored in a switch cabinet, which can be installed in the plant room of the house.

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