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Does my treatment system need emptying and if so how often?

Yes, wastewater treatment plants do need to be emptied. The specific frequency will depend on the size of the treatment plant and the amount of wastewater entering it. On average we would recommend a yearly emptying but for larger tanks we can do a test during the annual service of the plant to determine whether or not we would recommend an emptying.

Does my treatment system need servicing and if so how often?

We recommend an annual service and maintenance check for all types of treatment plants. This is to ensure the system is working safely and efficiently, discharging correctly adhering to the general binding rules of small sewage discharges according to DEFRA and The Environment Agency, to spot and diagnose any potential complications and solve them early as well as offer any advice to the owner about what to expect or what they should be doing in the home.

Will there be any damage to my garden when installing my new Mantair Conversion Unit?

There is minimal groundwork involved in the installation of the Mantair Conversion Unit since the actual unit itself is made to measure your existing tank and installed within. There is however some small groundwork involved, usually performed by hand instead of with machinery and can be easily reinstated to a high standard. In some cases where small machinery may be used we take all the necessary precautions to minimise any damage to land, this is all discussed and agreed upon with the client during the initial site survey and is also typically easy to reinstate to a high standard.

Will there be any damage to my garden when installing my new package treatment plant?

When doing groundwork and using large plant and machinery there is always potential for some damage to land. This all improves with drier weather so we tend to carry out all of our main groundwork in the drier part of the spring/summer/autumn months. We also take the time during our initial site survey to plan out all the best methods of entry and work to take place, so that we can minimise damage as much as possible. We also take pride in how we finish our jobs and despite the inevitability of some damage to land, we work with the client to ensure their garden is finished neat and tidy to a high standard, in whichever way they see fit.

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